2 weeks to go til my exhibition, ‘Do You Even Ink?’ at Blacklisted Gallery in Surry Hills. Here’s another Oscar Wilde-inspired teaser #art #tattooflash #dayofthedead

EXHIBITION - Blacklisted Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney. Private view 29th Apr at 6pm. Come on down! 🎨💉💪#art #illustration #tattoos #flash

#ThrowbackThursdays - Sexoskeleton in… “I Like to Bone” from like about 10 yrs ago!

Comics Trip

’90s Rock Nirvana!’ for this week’s Kerrang! Magazine, Kurt special. Out today in the UK.

Warmup #drawing from a while back. #wip #sketch #pencil

Get this and other temporary, stick-on tattoos in this week’s @kerrangmagazine_ Out today! #illustration #tattoos #nirvana

#regram from the gaffer, @jamesjammcmahon - @kerrangmagazine_’s Emily Carter with this week’s Tattoo Special, featuring another 20 temporary tats drawn by yours truly. Out now (UK) #illustration #tattoos #kerrang!

Following up from Green Day’s Dookie at 20, Kerrang! and I updated a few more seminal rock albums that also ‘dropped’ back in ‘94(!) Here is Weezer’s blue album - which is of course still as awesome as ever!

Another absolute classic. Here’s how the Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication *might* look today, 20 years on! (for Kerrang! Magazine's updated albums)

The Manics’ dark masterpiece reimagined 20 years on, for Kerrang! Magazine (apologies to the boys and to my art school hero, Jenny Saville!)

Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral - another great that has now been around for TWO DECADES!! (For K! Mag updated albums)

Hole - Live Through This, 20 years on. I know, gross. Sorry… For Kerrang! Mag.

Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. Not much has happened to this guy in 20 years I guess. He’s got the drill out of his head and has managed a lame joke… Album’s still a powerhouse though! (For K! Mag updated albums)

Machine Head - Burn My Eyes, turning 20 this year!For Kerrang! Mag updated albums.